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Absolutely! Driver Intuition Gift Certificate are the perfect gift for the budding driver, the person who is about to get their licence, someone who is difficult to buy for and everyone else in between.

Certificates are available at any cash denomination; allowing for payment of whole lessons or subsidising partial lessons.

Driver Intuition Gift Certificates can be organised through interaction with instructors or can be mailed through Australia Post to either the recipient or to gift giver. Please allow relevant postage time to avoid disappointment.

Contact us to organise a Driver Intuition Gift Certificate.

This question is almost impossible to answer without meeting you and assessing your skills. All people learn differently and as such will develop their understanding and skills at varying pace. More often than not, those who have access to more frequent learning time and environments that support productive learning tend to progress at a more even rate.

You must be 16 years of age or older.

A person with the learner's permit may sit their test at any stage but cannot obtain their provisional licence until they are logged 75 hours in their Driver's Companion and held a learner's permit for one year without disqualification.

Many people respond to training in different ways. While most students would be capable of success in both training methods, a lot of times it comes down to personal preference. Some people feel more comfortable at a task by task method such as the CBT. This allows students to move at their own pace to achieve tasks one by one. This method includes 5 skill reviews as part of 30 required tasks. The VORT may speak to people who believe they have the skills to pass a test which takes place as part of regular traffic and requires a student to display skills in both an on road component and manoeuvres to achieve a score of 90%.

You need to bring your current learner's permit or temporary driving permit (Section 80). If your licence does not have a photo, you will need to bring other photographic identification such as a Student I.D. card or your Passport.

The instructor can arrange to pick you up from an arranged location. Many people like to start from home or work. If you need to finish the lesson at a different location ensure the instructor has been consulted to allow for sufficient travel time.

When booking a lesson, the agreed time is exclusively reserved for you. If you cannot make the appointment, 24 hours notice must be given to Driver Intuition as courtesy to your instructor and other students waiting for available times. Failing to do this will incur the lesson cost.

Driver Intuition is based in Adelaide's North Eastern suburbs but does service a large area of Adelaide's CBD, Northern, Eastern, and Western Suburbs. We do however, based on availability of instructors, travel outside the service area. This however attracts a higher fee to cover travel time and additional fuel costs. To find out if an instructor is available in your suburb please use the contact us form or get in touch with us by phone on 0404 856 834.

Yes, Driver Intuition is mindful that people have to work driving lessons around financial concerns. To find out what packages Driver Intuition has on offer please contact us or enquire by phone on 0404 856 834.