learnerCongratulations on getting your Learner's Permit. You are now on your way to reach your Provisional Licence (P1). With a little bit of initiative and willingness to gain new skills and knowledge, the team of you, your supervisory driver and Driver Intuition can help you on the road to success.
The first stage in getting on the road is deciding what sort of car you want to learn in. Besides make and model, you need to choose the transmission: automatic or manual. Your choice could be based on the car you have to practice in or it could be more about what you want to drive or what you need drive. When it comes to getting professional driving lessons Driver Intuition has a few cars with different transmissions for you to choose from.
There are two distinct ways you can get your Provisional Licence. The first way is the VORT (Vehicle on Road Test and the other is CBT (Competency Based Training). They both have their positives and their negatives, it is up to you with the help of your supervisory driver and maybe a driving school like Driver Intuition to put things in to perspective to help you achieve your best. Driver Intuition offers both.