I have a Learners Permit, what's next?

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After completing the written component to obtain your Learner's Permit at a Service SA branch comes the practical application of that knowledge. With your supervisory driver, whether it parent, guardian, family friend or driving instructor, you must complete a minimum of 75 hours over no less than a period of 12 months, including 15 hours of night driving.

During this time you need to start to think about the way in which you will progress through the Graduated Licensing Scheme to be granted your Provisional Licence. Whether you choose the Vehicle on Road Test or VORT or want to complete the Competency Based Training & Assessment course, Driver Intuition can help guide your decisions and then assist you in completing your goals.

It is advised that you seek the assistance of a driving instructor early in your training to shape your progress. Students with access to a different qualified supervisory driver may consider using both the know how of the driving instructor and a different supervisory driver to increase completing the required 75 hours at a more steady pace.