Who can be a supervisory driver?

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A Qualified Supervising Driver must:

  • Be patience and a display a calm approach to learning.
  • Have an unconditional licence authorising the person to drive a Class C vehicle (or an equivalent foreign licence as approved by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles)
  • Have held an unconditional/full licence for the last 2 years without disqualification or be subject to the condition of "good behaviour".
  • Not have a blood alcohol reading of more than 0.05 or the presence of THC (Cannabis) or Methylamphetamine (Speed) in their blood or saliva.
  • Instruct the learner driver in the safe and efficient operation of the motor vehicle and the correct application of the South Australian road rules.
  • Be seated immediately alongside (front passenger seat) at all times while the learner is driving, including but not limited to parking practice (even in car parks)
  • Ensure the motor vehicle is registered and roadworthy