steering wheelDriver Intuition is a South Australian owned and operated driving school based in Adelaide. Driver Intuition offers a diverse range of services and can cater to the driving needs of the wider community.

Our instructors are able help students learning to driving, offering advancement in driving skills through training and preparation for a Vehicle on Road Test (VORT) or Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBT&A). Driver Intuition aims to create assertive drivers who become assets to the road; using responsive and well thought out plan for travel ensures the safety of driver, passengers and the wider community also using the road ways. Driver Intuition students are taught effective ways to use the road, educating and informing of low risk solutions and invaluable skills to assist more effective driving.

While working in partnership with supervisory drivers to achieve this goal, many parent and guardians feel their own skills are out dated or need some review. At Driver Intuition we make our services available to provide training to all drivers who seek to improve or update their skills in an open, respectful environment.

Driver Intuition instructors are able to provide assistance for special needs students and have had extensive practice in training people with learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities or people for medical reasons that need training to regain their independence. Driver Intuition also provides lessons in AUSLAN.

Driver Intuition is available to drivers seeking to convert their overseas licence to a South Australian driver's licence. Our instructors have had extensive experiences with overseas drivers and offer a comprehensive and respectful program for drivers who need practice on South Australian Roads or achieve converting their Section 80 Licence by means of the Vehicle on Road Test (VORT) or Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBT&A).

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All services are delivered in modern, manual or automatic trasmission vehicles with dual brakes.