Overseas or International Licence Conversions

Drivers who already hold an unrestricted car licence in other country and wish to apply for a South Australian driver's licence must first contact the Motor Registration Office at a Service SA Centre.
Some laws and regulations may be different and applicants need to show they have an understanding of these differences by completing and passing a theory based test.

Drivers from other countries are then able to get a temporary driving permit (Section 80) equivalent to a car licence. Some countries are recognised as sharing similar laws and may be granted the South Australian licence. Drivers will be permitted to drive on the roads as long you obey Section 80 conditions.

In many cases even with time constraints it is beneficial to seek out lessons before the Vehicle on Road Test to increase ability and get a feel for what is required during the test. The test will be conducted in the same manner as someone who is attempting to get their licence for the first time. Currently a pass mark of 90% or higher is required and should not be taken lightly.

From the time Section 80 permit has been issued, the holder has one month to successfully pass the Vehicle on Road Test or complete the Competency Based Training. Letting the temporary licence lapse or failing to complete the Vehicle on Road Test or Competency Based Training means the international driver must then return to Service SA and apply to become a learner driver and accept the terms of that licence. On such a licence the international driver will no longer be able to drive by themselves. It is important that in knowing this, the correct course of action is taken to ensure a seamless transition from an international licence or overseas conversion to a South Australian licence. For further information or to book a lesson use the contact us form or contact 08 8367 7499.