Preparation for VORT

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Performing to the standards of the Vehicle on Road Test (VORT) cannot be taken lightly. Currently the minimum standard for passing a VORT is 90%. All drivers can afford to get some insight into the level of skills needed to pass the Vehicle on Road Test. Whether you have been driving with qualified instructor, a family member or friend as your supervisory driver or even driving in South Australia on a Section 80 permit or overseas licence, understanding the sorts of requirements placed on you to continue driving legally are a valuable assess to your success.
Driver Intuition offers a one and a half hour session aimed at assessing your skills and providing you insight to your performance in preparation for your Vehicle on Road Test. Driver Intuition can, based on results from your session tailor any additional lessons, training or strategies to aid you in achieving your goals. Driver Intuition can also arrange a Vehicle on Road Test on student's request. Booking the Vehicle on Road Test incurs a non refundable $35.00 fee, which contributes to the overall cost of the Vehicle on Road Test.