Supervised Driving for Supervisory Drivers

For many supervisory drivers, whether it is family or friend, become faced with the prospect of becoming the resource for a new driver. For many people that is an overwhelming task. Many supervisory drivers while using driving as part of their every day experience may not feel they have the correct and up to date information to share with a learner driver, creating a legacy of their "bad mistakes". Driver Intuition does not hesitate in providing training for new drivers; however, Driver Intuition does welcome a partnership with supervisory drivers.
Driver Intuition offers a non invasive, non judgemental and supportive approach to help empower supervisory drivers with the skills needed to aid a learner driver. Supervisory drivers can themselves have lessons from a qualified driving instructor to increase the skills of a new driver but also in their own abilities. Many supervisory drivers may not be aware of law changes or errors in their driving and with some training can ensure that they secure new knowledge or find lost expertise.